English National Ballet School’s mission is to equip our students with the confidence, creativity, and skills for a career as a professional dancer with the major international companies, and for a future beyond performance.

We take a holistic approach to our students’ training and learning so that we fully deliver this mission. Our teaching, performances and collaborations are carefully designed and integrated to give our students the breadth and depth of experience to prepare them for a wide range of career opportunities.

At each stage we offer a comprehensive programme built around training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Students build a close relationship with their teachers, who are their personal tutors.

As well as developing our students’ skill sets, we put great importance on supporting students’ personal development and wellbeing. We place great emphasis on nurturing our three core student values - professionalism, generosity, and commitment. We believe these values enable our students to flourish now and in their future lives.

Our support staff and health and wellbeing team ensure that all students feel positively engaged in their work at every stage. They engage closely with the artistic staff to look after students in a cohesive way so that all students learn in a positive and happy environment.

We strive for continuing artistic and academic growth which we believe happens best through building partnerships, which are essential to us achieving our goals.

Our primary collaboration is with English National Ballet. Although a separate charitable organisation, we maintain strong links with the Company. Our third year students have previously been selected for work experience, touring and performing with English National Ballet in Swan Lake and Nutcracker. They spend time with choreographers, repetiteurs, and professional company dancers, learning skills that are vital for their career development, and are seen by the companies’ Artistic Directors.

From 2024, our second year students have again performed in English National Ballet’s My First Ballet series, a professional production of a classical ballet designed to introduce young audiences to the joy of live dance. Unique to ENBS, this is an opportunity for our students to gain their first experience of working professionally on stage as part of a company.

As a school, we succeed when our students leave us knowing not only that dance has enriched their lives, but also that our artform can enrich other people’s lives. To return to our core values, whether they’re performing in a theatre or a small space, we believe they take with them the same professionalism, generosity, and commitment at all times.

Programme components

  • Classical Ballet technique including pointe work for women
  • Classical Variations
  • Pas de Deux
  • Contemporary Dance technique
  • Improvisation and Composition
  • Pilates
  • Strength and conditioning classes
  • Choreographic and dance performance opportunities