Dancers' Career Development working with ENBS
18th Feb 2016 10:05
Dancers' Career Development working with ENBS

We are very excited to announce English National Ballet School as the latest school to join Dancers' Career Development's (DCD) Schools and Conservatoires Programme, where DCD will deliver a programme of workshops for first, second and third year students.

The programme, launching this month with our first workshop for second year students on 26th February, will give the students exclusive access to successful professional dancers who have been supported by DCD, allowing them to pick up vital knowledge for their performance career as well as career transition.

Samira Saidi, ENBS Director of Dance said: "ENBS is renowned for providing outstanding pastoral care for our students, as well as  producing versatile, resilient young dancers.  Understanding the transition from student to professional dancer is part of that provision. What to do post career is equally important and DCD is a unique organisation who specialise in challenging these aspirants to think about life after dance. DCD have been coming to ENBS for a number of years, so this is a logical and  natural development."

Jennifer Curry, DCD Executive Director said: "We’re delighted to be delivering our Schools and Conservatoires Programme to ENBS. This builds on our successful partnership with The Royal Ballet School which has already been extended for another year. By embedding the topic of career transition within dance training, it becomes recognised as a natural, inevitable part of a dancer’s career, but one that requires careful thought and preparation."

More information regarding the programme can be found here.


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