Injury Prevention & Screening Programmes


Injury prevention

The school places much importance on injury prevention. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, every student is screened for issues with flexibility, strength or technique, and these are addressed with an individual exercise programme.

Recovery from injury programme

Students with an injury enter a Recovery from Injury Programme by which they work with members of the Healthcare and Performance Team to ensure they recover as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Vitamin D screening

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of research showing that vitamin D is a key element in building strong bones by increasing calcium absorption; it is also essential to the immune system. Vitamin D is largely created by the body when exposed to sunlight; however, the limited amount of light in the UK and the fact that dancers are indoors most of the time lead to Vitamin D deficiency. More information about the dancer industry’s campaign to highlight the value of Vitamin D may be found on One Dance UK

The School’s Vitamin D screening programme will be undertaken twice a year as best practice: at the end of November and end of February.

Cardiac Screening

Cardiac screening has been shown to reduce the risk of young sudden cardiac death. A 25-year screening programme performance in Italy where death rates were reduced by 90% over a 25-year period in which individuals were screened. Today, figures have shown that even though athletes put themselves through such an intense level of training, the mortality rates in athletes has decreased to below that of non-athletes.

To ensure that students are fit to dance, the school arranges a cardiac screening over the first academic year, through C-R-Y