Healthcare & Performance Support

The Healthcare and Performance support includes:

Physiotherapist: students have daily access to a specialist physiotherapist who examines, diagnoses and if necessary, provides treatment (soft tissue, manual therapy, taping, acupuncture…) and exercise-based rehabilitation.

Strength and Conditioning: all year groups have fitness group sessions. In addition, male have upper body strengthening sessions to allow them to develop the strength needed for lifting. One-on-one or small groups to work strength and conditioning sessions are also offered to those recovering from injury.

Pilates: second- and third-year students have weekly Pilates classes. In addition, students can be booked one-on-one or small groups to work on their issues. Pilates rehab is also offered to students coming back from an injury.

Floor Barre: first year students have weekly floor barre classes.

Performance Psychologist:  all year groups have classes with a performance psychologist to learn about coping strategies and goal setting. In addition, students can book a one-on-one appointment with a performance psychologist to talk about personal issues they may have.

Nutritionist: all year groups have group classes with a. nutritionist to learn and talk about the role that healthy nutrition plays in improving health can performance. In addition, students can book one-on-one appointments with the nutritionist