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Student health and physical welfare is a high priority to us. The School has a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and sport scientists to ensure they are in top mental and physical health to achieve peak performance.

The School's emphasis on fitness to dance and on a "healthy dancer programme" is achieved through regular strength and conditioning classes, Pilates and floor barre. Moreover, the School provides daily physiotherapy clinics and visiting specialists in nutrition and performance psychology. The School has close links with external dance specialist doctors.

Visiting lecturers who are specialists in the fields of nutrition, performance psychology and anatomy supplement the core curriculum. We value this knowledge as part of the essential preparation for a career as a professional dancer. It helps students to understand their physiques and to prevent injuries where possible. 

This programme helps students to meet the ever-increasing technical and choreographic demands made on dancers today. 


The Directors, Director of Dance, Head of Studies and class tutors are closely involved in Student Support.  The Student & Enrolment Coordinator manages the day to day Student Support system and monitors the progress of the students. ENBS works together with the following specialists:

  • Physiotherapist: you have access on a daily basis to a physiotherapist who examines, diagnoses and if necessary provides treatment

  • Nutritionist: all year groups have group sessions with a nutritionist to learn and talk about the role that healthy nutrition plays in improving health and performance. In addition, you can book one to one appointments with the nutritionist

  • Performance psychologist: all year groups have group sessions with a performance psychologist to learn and talk about coping strategies and goal setting.  In addition you can book one to one appointments with a psychologist to talk about any personal issue you may have.

Injury Prevention and Recovery

The School places much importance on educating students in an understanding of the body and movement and how to work with their bodies in order to prevent injuries. The Student Support team has designed an Injury Prevention Programme to help students work with their body and recognize any areas that might need extra attention. Students with an injury will enter a Recovery from Injury Programme in which the student will work with members of the Student Support team. This means that you may have a diagnosis and treatment session with a physiotherapist, who will then refer you to the Body Conditioning tutor or Floor Barre specialist to ensure you recover as quickly as possible, and prevent recurrences of injuries too.


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